Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I believe in the piece "Racism", author Ayn Rand is trying to explain how racism seems to never end or go away and how it pertains to many different aspects of a person, including their background, character, and attitude. She explains different views of racism and how it is negative however you look at it. Rand talks about how individuals are immediately judged by their race and how racism is used to gain self-esteem. It is compared to collectivism and according to Rand, racism has risen and fallen with collectivism. Capitalism and individualism are concepts that counteract racism and she gave good explanations as to how. When talking about the "civil rights" bill, Rand is not too thrilled because she thinks the bill is also an act of racism. It is a violation of individual rights; the government does not have the right to "discriminate for some citizens at the expense of others".

I would have never looked at the civil rights bill in a negative way like Rand did. She put a whole new twist on this bill that I would have never picked out; I thought it was one of the most interesting parts of this piece. The whole piece showed a lot of anger, which is understandable considering she was talking about racism. Rand does have good points, such as talking about the collective racial guilt; but she also did not see any of the good in the civil rights bill or give an alternative to fix this problem.

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