Tuesday, April 5, 2011


One of my favorite advertisements on TV is the Doritos commercial that was shown during the Super Bowl. It shows a guy in an office finishing up a bag of Doritos and another guy comes right up next to him and asks if he is going to finish them. When the guy eating the chips says no they're already gone, the other guy grabs his hand and starts licking the cheese off his fingers, claiming that is the best part. It shows another guy in the office also finishing up a bag of Doritos and wipes his hand on his work pants, getting the cheese on his pants. The same guy who licked the fingers also rips off his coworkers pants with the cheese on them. After getting a good sniff of the cheese, it ends with the guy yelling "DORITOS!", showing how amazingly good they must taste.

I laugh every time I see this commercial because it is so ridiculous. Although it would probably never actually happen, the message they're showing is in any place, Doritos are just that good that you even have to lick the cheese off of your fingers. This would fit into the physiological need for food. Plus, it adds humor, making it that much more appealing to watch.

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