Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I used MadCat to search 'pet therapy'. I got a number of results and found one that wasn't checked out in the Social Work Library. I was kind of excited to see where this was because I had never even heard of it. It is located off of Linden behind a few buildings. I found the entrance in a back parking lot with the help of a lady who was luckily there to show me the way. The library was very small and the book was much easier to find than the library itself. I found the book right away because it was located right next to the stairs I had to take to get down to the library. It was really interesting to see a library other than the big ones that I usually go to.

The book I checked out is called Pets in Therapy. It was written in 1997 by Margaret N. Abdill and Denise Juppe. The book looks very helpful and filled with good information for my research paper. It includes a variety of animals, so there will be a lot of information I can get from it. The books surrounding it weren't related to this book much at all. One was about nurses and therapy. The other was just about social work in general.

Call number: RM931 A65 P485

Abdill, Margaret N. Juppe, Denise. Pets in Therapy. Ravensdale, WA: Idyll Arbor, Inc., 1997.

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